Why, Oh Why?—Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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“For almost three years I have observed my mother putting a quarter of a paper towel on top of the VitaMix base. There are no open parts and I have never understood why she keeps it covered. I never asked why because she does a multitude of things that are a mystery to me; and, I have come to understand, to ask her “why” is unanswerable and therefore disrespectful.” read more

A Cog in the Wheel: the return of a caregiver

Daughter on Duty

“I am golden. I am stardust. I got Michelle back.

“Mama was sure there was a better caregiver “out there” when the perfect storm blew in late in January, so she was relieved when Michelle left—permanently—at Mama’s invitation soon after she arrived that day. ‘I didn’t fire her,’ Mama kept insisting. It was a fine distinction.

“Four caregivers later, she realized perfection doesn’t exist,…” read more



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