Extreme Caregiving 2: Mobility

New post on Daughter on Duty.

“Mama and Elliot have new means of movement. Mama got a walker while I was on my mountain adventure. She doesn’t need one, really, but she’s been talking about it for a while. Two years ago she tried to get her doctor and then the physical therapist to tell her she needed one for balance, but they said she was doing fine with her cane…” [Read more]

Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream…or Not

New post on my blog.

“Interestingly, since my solo camping days began quite a few years ago, three nights has always seemed just about right. I can keep food in the cooler just that long, I can deal with the lack of a bathroom and shower about that long. In the south, I could cope with the heat pretty much that long, in the Pacific Northwest…” read more

Flip Flops to Aeroacrophobia


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There’s a new post on my Daughter OFF Duty blog:

“It would have been hard to top my hike to Skyline Divide at Mt. Baker on the first full day of my recent camping adventure, but I wasn’t looking for a good, better, best chronology. Life just doesn’t work that way. I was on holiday…” read more




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