When the Routines Go, What is Left?

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“During the latest crisis of the stomach, Mama suddenly decided to stop taking the daily low-dose aspirin she has been taking since my father—who died 20 years ago—was diagnosed with heart disease. Her cardiologist told her last month, she really doesn’t need to take it, that she does not have heart disease and isn’t going to at this point. Six months ago he told her she could discontinue her high blood pressure medication.” Read more.

Delirium vs. Dementia

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“I subscribe to several blogs and websites about caregiving the old-old. One came up this week with an article that stopped me in my tracks. Did this, finally, explain what happened three years ago when my sister and I took our mother to the E.R.? I offer the article for education about a common, but often missed health problem in the elderly.” [Read more]

Shifting Deck Chairs on the Titanic: Three-year Retrospective, Part 2

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“We have been on stormy seas for a week. The stomach distress that led to last Sunday’s Urgent Care crisis stayed with us. Mama just didn’t feel well. She didn’t dress, spent a lot of time lying down, ate only because I insisted: “You can’t poop if you don’t eat.” And drank a lot of Gatorade. On Thursday it came to me…” Read more


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