Wordless Wednesday

Bows and flows of angel hair,
I really don’t know clouds at all.
(Mima Mounds Natural Area Reserve)

DSCN2567Some words on Wordless Wednesday: I didn’t see the rainbow until I downloaded the picture. It reminds me that sometimes we have to step back, leave some space, then look again with new eyes. Grieving the death of a friend. I hope there are clouds and rainbows where he is. Perhaps he understands them now.

What I Need to Understand When I Am Old

New post on Daughter on Duty.

“Mama—whose ENT told her this week she was close enough to 99 to call it that, since she will be the next time she comes to have her ears cleaned out—is fond of telling me what I will understand when I am her age. I will understand what it’s like to be old. What it’s like to lose control over things. What it’s like to lose your independence. What it’s like to feel guilty that I didn’t do more for my mother. …” read more

Living the Exotic Life

There’s a new post on my blog, Daughter on Duty.

“I’m on vacation! Taking a holiday from the ordinary world in which I live. The one that feels no more ordinary than Wonderland or Oz, while being nothing close to exotic. I am feeling far flung from that life right now, though: in a beautiful home on Whidbey Island keeping company with a sweet corgi named Gracie, who is missing her moms; watching the snowy mountains break through the clouds and the fog roll back in around them, as the cargo ships and eagles travel up and down Puget Sound. In some ways, it’s the ordinary solitude I was accustomed to before I moved in with my mother. Ordinary and exotic become all mixed up….” read more

Intentions, Insmentions

New post on my blog.

“The end of another year. I have learned nothing. My word for 2014 was “kindness.” I just read my New Year’s post from a year ago, and have to admire my insight, and confess my utter failure to embody my intention.

On Christmas, I found a deck of cards in my stocking: Dementia Translation Flash Cards. Okay, my sister made them, but watch for them someday on a website near you. Or make your own—and share them with me. Here are some samples:…” Read more.


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