Seven Day Photo Challenge—Days 1-4

I accepted a friend’s challenge to post (on Facebook) a nature or landscape photo each day for a week. I thought I would post them here, too. These are the first four days’ entrees.


Day One: Sunrise from my home


Day Two: Koma Kulshan (Mt. Baker) from near the ferry terminal to Lummi Island


Day Three: Stones in the Salish Sea (Lummi Island)


Day Four: Rose hips and Cattails on Lummi Island

Old Wounds Die Hard

There’s a new post on Daughter on Duty.

“I really do try to pick my battles in the internal war I unwittingly re-engaged when I offered to come home to live with my mother. It was supposed to be a peacekeeping mission, but that was fantasy. Mothers and daughters with old wounds don’t give them up easily. We never could talk stuff through, and we aren’t about to start now, apparently; so we do battle.” read more


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