Morning Sentences

Dawn Comes in Haikus

I don’t need a clock.
Owl whoo whoot whooee-ing.
Dawn is on her way.

I don’t need a clock.
Cars whoosh on distant highway.
Dawn is coming soon.

I don’t need a clock.
Trains rumble and shriek through town.
Dawn’s around the bend.

I don’t need a clock.
Cows bawling in the valley.
Dawn is nearly here.

I don’t need a clock.
Kitty crisscrosses my legs.
Dawn is giving birth.

I don’t need a clock.
Furnace roars to life through wall.
It is 6 o’clock.

I don’t need a clock.
Cat urgently licks my face.
Get up. Want food now.

MeMoRy MoNdAy

Farewell to a Tractor

My father’s tractor
older than my children
mowed a lot of grass
hauled a lot of stuff
in the homemade trailer
including the grandchildren
who learned to drive on it
broke down a lot too
for 20 years slumbered
in the shed
now it’s autumn again
time to create space
to do a new thing
say another bit of
goodbye to my father
and times gone by.

Picking Apples on a Most Amazing Day


I don’t know how to start this post:
with what is sure to be
a woefully inadequate description
of a most amazing day?
The tall firs against the blue, blue sky
the warmth of the almost equinox sun.
Or with the understated fact
that I would rather pick apples
than do just about anything else?
Snagging the crimson-streaked golden orbs
with the apple picker and dropping them into my basket.
Sharing the orchard with the deer family,
who keep their distance but don’t run off.
Lying in the grass, resting from my labor
that can’t possibly be considered work.
I think when I wrote these words in my head,
they were the start of a longer post,
but now I don’t know what more there is to say.



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