All Goodbye Ain’t Gone

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“I was on my way to Seattle before dawn Monday, when the engine died. On the interstate. Again. This time, though, it wasn’t yet rush hour, I wasn’t far from home, and I was able to get from the center lane to the shoulder before CuRVy stopped coasting. In the words of Anne Lamott, “Thank you thank you thank you.” A two-hour wait for AAA,…”

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Memory Monday on Tuesday

I finally did one of my winter projects last week. Well, started it anyway. Cleaning out the shed at the back of the carport. I thought Dan the Handyman and I had gotten all the hazardous chemicals out before he left for California (they are still in a garbage can for me to take to the HazMat Hut :-( ), but I found another box full last week. Including this one. For interior use! “Spray on ceiling and walls.” Yikes! I am happy to say, the can seems to be full. The tin might be worth a few bucks, but it wouldn’t pass the PO “does the package contain anything potentially hazardous” interrogation if I had to mail it to a buyer.


Groundhog’s Day

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“No sun shadows are happening here today. We haven’t had any winter, so I reckon we can’t have more. That is not to say there are no shadows. Like Bill Murray, I have felt myself pulled into a time loop the past couple weeks.

The day after I returned from my life-renewing time on Whidbey Island, relaxed and ready to be more mindful, Mama and her caregiver had an altercation….” read more.


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