The True Secret of Writing, Natalie Goldberg

“Sit. Walk. Write. These are the barest bones of Natalie Goldberg’s writing and life practice. The True Secret is for everyone, like eating and sleeping. It allows you to discover something real about your life, to mine the rich awareness in your mind, and to ground and empower yourself.” In this book, I found friends: Joanna in the chapter about Natalie’s dying student; Dori as Natalie described painting a chair, the kind of chair you want to sit in for an entire winter of mornings watching snow fall, a chair like the one Dori gave to me. This book is about the Zen of life and of writing. Yes, writing is scary. Writing says we care, we have thoughts, we exist. And we all must do it. Pick up your pen and face yourself. Now, “Shut up and write.”

An author video with Natalie Goldberg