The Way We Are

New post on Daughter on Duty:

“The Rampart Ridge Trail in the Mt. Rainier National Park is listed as “moderate.” To my way of thinking, there is too much up-shit to rate less than strenuous; but perhaps the springy hemlock needle walking pad gets it off-setting points. It does not escape me, however, that I get less winded than I did on the Coldwater Lake trail earlier this summer. And two days after the hike, my quads have not screamed back at me. Last week at Mt. St. Helens, I zipped past a much younger woman hiking with her husband and two teenagers. (Later I saw the man and daughter—wife had apparently turned back.) So I’m feeling pretty good about the way I am….” Read more.

One thought on “The Way We Are

  1. Gretchen, i think Quinlin is absolutely right about the placement of that extra decade. When I think of my mother and mother-in-law, both were old in their seventies.  But I didn’t feel age until I hit 80–and friends the same age have testified to the same.  So you’ve got 20-good years ahead.  Bravo!    Sally Buckner 3101 Glenhope Court Cary, NC 27511 919 465-3848



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