My Own Goodreads

Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, Piper Kerman

I haven’t seen the NetFlix series yet, but I understand it’s dramaed up. Piper Kerman’s memoir about her year spent in a federal women’s prison for a 10-year-old crime is a beautifully told story of women looking out for one another with compassion, humor, creativity, and respect; helping each other do their time and survive. And they do it under the auspices of a system designed to do just the opposite. Kerman grows incredible friendships with women she would not have dreamed of associating with on the outside. They become family to her. I will watch the fictionalized version, but I’m glad I know the real story.

2 thoughts on “My Own Goodreads

  1. I heard an interview with her last week on NPR. I found her comments very intersting particularly about how her perceptions of prison changed from just before she went in until after she finished her time there.


  2. I really enjoyed this series. It is fresh and well acted. It is clearly a mix of compelling drama, humor mixed with real emotion. I am glad the writers and actors can go on to a new season.


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