1. Don’t look too far ahead; just take it one stick at a time.
  2. If you don’t have access to the perfect tools (like a tractor and trailer), buck up buckeroo and use the wheelbarrow.
  3. The shortest distance between points A and B may be too steep.
  4. Two light loads are more efficient than one heavy one.
  5. If you hit a bump, push a little harder and you will get over it.
  6. If you hit a hole, back up and reroute
  7. If an obstruction can be removed, don’t keep ducking under it or going around it…remove it.
  8. When you get bored or tired, do something else.
  9. Congratulate yourself on what you accomplished, rather than despair over what’s left.
  10. Advil is your friend. So is chocolate.

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