Dancing with Dementia

New post on Daughter on Duty.

“As I sat waiting to get my flu shot (for Mama’s protection more than mine) and my TDAP shot (so I will be allowed to hold my new grandbabe when she/he arrives), a woman a bit younger than I pushed her mother’s wheelchair into the waiting room. Her mother, slumped in her chair, spoke with the drawn out laborious speech and contorted face that typify a stroke victim. I watched a wife help her husband, in military garb, and his walker slowly to the exam area door when his name was called. As I was leaving, both arms poked, another woman stood with her mother at the reception desk. The elderly woman said to her harried-looking daughter, “Why are we here?” Although  I accompany my mother to 15 health facility waiting rooms to my one, I was very aware that I was flying solo on Friday. I felt a little judged. How easy is my life that I just waltz into a clinic alone, and back out?” Read more.

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