DSCN4865Leaving home in vichyssoise…

DSCN4998…that clears after turning east and floats over Mayfield Lake…

DSCN5004…and drifts in the valleys among the foothills.

DSCN5015Golden maples arch over the forest service road winding up through the hills…

DSCN5017…as Blue Lake Creek tumbles under it.

DSCN5025And then…Mount Adams rises majestically above her serene lake.

DSCN5088Huckleberries and kinnikinick show their color at the base of the lava flow…

DSCN5046…St. Helens and the Goat Rocks, show offs in virgin white, from the top.

DSCN5123Goodnight lake, see you after ice and snow cover you to slumber, then melt again; the constant cycle of seasons.

DSCN5141Goodnight trees bowing at my passing.

DSCN5150Goodnight sunlit leaves afire.

DSCN5166Goodnight elk grazing in cow pastures.

DSCN5167Goodnight Lady Rainier peeking over fading trees.

DSCN5176Goodnight hang gliders drifting above Riffe Lake.

Image 3Goodnight moon watching over the planet (and over me after my clutch failed).