MeMoRy MoNdAy

Who knew you could do so many things with tuna? Easy Tuna Wiggle and Tuna Cheese Mold; several gastronomically incorrect international dishes like Oriental Tuna Salad, Spanish Salad, Tuna Chow Mein, and Tuna Lasagna. And there’s always room Jell-O. The special-meal standard of my childhood: Under-the-Sea Salad. And some Jell-O/tuna combos!: Ring-Around-the-Tuna and Tuna (or Salmon) Mousse. Yum. Step away from the Tomato Surprise, made with stewed tomatoes and strawberry Jell-O.


3 thoughts on “MeMoRy MoNdAy

  1. Don’t forget the old standby – tuna caserole. Tuna, campbells cream of mushroom soup, seashell noodles, in keeping with the nautical theme of tuna, andcrumbles potato chips on top (preferably Nalleys if you are in the PNW). We all remember when potato chips came in boxes with three bags of chips inside.

    You could always make your tuna caserole fancy by adding canned peas (yuck!) or small cubes of cheese.

    I haven’t though of tuna caserole in years despite it being a sort of staple when I was in college – i.e., it was cheap


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