Morning Sentence

fireworks woke
me and I left the
bed and the cat and
looked out the window
of the friend’s home where
I am spending a few glorious
days in personal retreat and
watched the flashes of color a-
cross Puget Sound competing for
with the stars.
Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Morning Sentence

  1. AS usual, a sensible resolution to a complicated question.  I’ve heard others describe how as their loved one descends into dementia, the personality changes, too–which is bound to be very difficult to deal with.  You’re thinking through every moment so carefully.  I wish you severy possible blessing on this difficult journey.  (And I’m so glad you’ve had this retreat.)   Sally



  2. I am SO enjoying your own 12 days of Christmas.  I wish for you a happy, healthy and productive 2014!   Sally Buckner 3101 Glenhope Court Cary, NC 27511 919 465-3848



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