…not fit for woman nor man nor werewolf.
the doorbell rang.
i had heard no car that would have had to come up
the unlit curvy hill road
and down the long unlit driveway
to the hidden house.
what the hell?

i peered through the slats of the blinds
to the front porch where stood
two very bedraggled young men.
could it be that one is not even wearing a jacket?
plastic name badges.
i held the storm door shut and knew
even as i said may i help you
what the answer would be.
what the hell?

we’re from the church of latter day saints.
you have got to be kidding.
how are you this evening?
better than you.
how ever did you find this house?
it wasn’t easy.
why were you even trying?
we wanted to tell you the message.
i have my own message
but what the hell
i appreciate your fortitude.

now go home.
get warm.
no one’s higher being
wants her followers
to be out this
and certainly
your mothers don’t.