The State of Things: Two Years

New post on Daughter on Duty.

“It’s been two years since I packed my elderly CRV with my cat and a suitcase four days after my 60th birthday and took off from North Carolina, my home for 24 years, to meet up with the rest of my belongs in Washington. I had left my Pacific Northwest home as America celebrated her bi-centennial, for what was expected to be a two-year adventure in Virginia before returning to my real life on the left coast. Thirty-six years later, I  finally made good on that promise to return home….” read more

One thought on “The State of Things: Two Years

  1. I wish I’d had these words to guide me when I was dealing with my mother’s last years. I was still rearing children, including an autistic daughter and a son with poor physical health–felt absolutely overwhelmed, as you have felt. But you’re giving your mother’s situation serious and patient thought. I admire you.


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