Peanut Butter in the Soup—and the Freezer

New post on Daughter on Duty.

“Mama loves soup. I mean, she LOVES soup. And not just in winter; she eats it even when it’s 90 degrees out. She makes it weekly with her caregiver and freezes single servings in yogurt containers topped with foil because yogurt producers stopped putting reusable lids on them—a manufacturing travesty. (I put some perfect containers with lids in her Christmas stocking a year ago. She doesn’t like them. She threw one of the lids away—accidentally, she says—because she didn’t recognize it.) Carrot (with or without ginger), spinach, pea, broccoli, squash, and celery; preferably using the same recipes, complaining about the caregiver when she doesn’t find the right one. (She also likes to change the recipe, and then says the caregiver can’t cook or follow a recipe when it ‘doesn’t taste as good as last time.’)” read more

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