The Burden of Anxiety

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“I’m anxious to see you,” Mama told a friend on the phone the other day. It’s a word she has always used to mean both uneasy and excited, but it’s been since living with her I have realized I don’t like the connotation that all of life is anxious, and I’ve begun stopping as I’m speaking to remind myself to say “eager,” the positive word, instead. As I learn to find the right word, I realize that “anxious” almost never applies to what I’m feeling. Read more.

2 thoughts on “The Burden of Anxiety

  1. We learn so much about ourselves when we care for parents so aged, Gretchen. My last 3 years with my dad were a revelation. From 97 to 101. And nothing killed him, but age.

    I remember changing my usage from anxious to eager. But almost no one uses this correctly. For me it’s accuracy, not correctness. And. I one notices. If anything, they think we’re a little stilted. (Smile)

    Your project is a big one. Whether you find a publisher or not, it’s worth doing. A friend (who’s a published poet) told me, you can’t worry about what gets accepted or rejected. That may depend on what the Ed. had for breakfast, or who she slept with last night. It’s just irrelevant.

    I am waiting for my mss. to be delivered to an agent or two in NYC where he used to work as an editor. I’m not holding my breath. And ultimately, I’m fine with publishing it on Amazon after I think it’s in perfect shape. I’m very anxious about that! No. Eager.

    Keep on, keeping on. Maybe we can get together in the summer.




    1. Age is what will kill my mother. If she were going to die of chronic anxiety, it would have happened long ago :-).

      You are absolutely right: it is, for me as well, about accuracy.

      Thank you for comments. I’m moving your comment to Daughter on Duty, so I have them all together. Responses are so helpful. (I’m also adding to my reply privately.)


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