Flora & Fauna Friday

Let Your Love Flow(t)

Last week, while eating lunch by one of the piers in Olympia, it suddenly came to my attention that the water was full of thousands of jelly fish; ranging in size from saucer to dinner plate. This week, there was not a one. Beautiful ruffled translucent creatures, floating, swimming, diving, looking for love.


2 thoughts on “Flora & Fauna Friday

  1. One of my fondest, though perhaps oddly so, memories of the waters of Puget Sound, especially wonderful days spent on Steamboat Island, is these creatures. I used to love watching them swim along and even around me. I used to pick them up. They are both alien and a wonderful creative part of Creation. I’ve used them as an example of group dynamics (opening and closing to move forward). Seeing ths picture brought all those memories back. Thanks!


    1. Wow! And I have never seen them; at least not in these numbers. It would be so cool to be in the water with them. So they aren’t stinging, I guess? I’m happy to hear that. I didn’t want them to be. I wanted them to be as kind and beautiful as they look. I’ll post a little video later today.


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