Trifecta: Anticipation, Change, Risk

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“As a child, my favorite day of the year was Christmas. I’m sure I’m not the only one who claims that. As an adult, though, I fell in love with Christmas Eve. It was when I realized that while reality can be disappointing, anticipation holds promise. I have lived with one—and am living with another—whose refusal to look forward to things for fear of disappointment baffled me. Different strokes, I suppose.” read more

4 thoughts on “Trifecta: Anticipation, Change, Risk

      1. Have you noticed the rain? The pouring, dripping, monsoon-like weather? We were supposed to visit the husband’s family in ID for Christmas, but have decided to stay home because the pass has been so…impassable. Weather looks to be improving here, so we’re hoping to get a hike in up near Cushman on Saturday.


      2. Well, yeah, I have noticed the rain 🙂 the rain the rain. I heard the pass was impassable. I hope you are okay with that change in plan. (Maybe even glad? Oops, I didn’t say that.) I will watch for your hike! (Christmas Day looks like the best day. If not for family obligations, I would be out there!)


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