Respite at Sinclair Inlet

I’ve been reading, writing, thinking, dreaming, sniffling and coughing, setting intentions, working with my favorite (and only) tarot deck, watching, bathtub luxuriating, and sleeping (not only at night) above Sinclair Inlet for three days, in the temporarily vacated home of someone I met at a writing workshop three years ago. (I also drew a chart of all the people in my life because of writing workshops I’ve been to. I don’t know if I’ve taken away anything profound about writing, but I have greatly enlarged my circle of friends.) Here are some views. Watch for more about the intentions and thinking on my blog in the coming weeks. Heading home tomorrow. (Sniff.) Thank you, as always, to my sister for filling in on the hill in my absence; and to Denise and Tim for graciously sharingtheir beautiful home.





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