Flunking Hospice

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“It’s the only exam I know of where doing well results in failure. We have been kicked out of hospice.

“’It’s a good thing!’ Laurel, the R.N., assures Mama who looks stricken, patting her bony hand. ‘You are doing so well!’ And it’s true, in recent weeks I have noticed she is stronger and eating better. She’s walking more minutes at the mall. She’s stopped knocking her hands against hard surfaces and asking me to tape gauze on them to protect the bruises. She’s listening to recorded books again—currently she’s listening for the second time to a book about the diets of the world’s longest-lived people trying to determine what she isn’t eating that she should be. (I ask her if she going for 150. Rebecca asks if she is going to start drinking red wine, which she skips over when she reports the researchers’ findings to us.)”

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2 thoughts on “Flunking Hospice

  1. Sighing aloud with you…encouraging you to see this as temporary…while your mom is thriving, she’s still aging none the less. Something will give way…eventually…it’s the natural course…I affirm you for being with the lights of E and his clan as often as you’re able…sighing with you…


    1. Thank you, dear one. Yes, that is true. And it’s hard to avoid the fact of my uncle who is 105. I don’t want to do this for another five years. Or more. I was so blue yesterday, until the umbrella of her negativity. I don’t want to be that person, that sponge, subject to another’s moods. But a story from Elliot at the end of the day made us both laugh.


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