Flora & Fauna Friday

Great Blue (or is it a Little Blue?) Heron & Wood Duck
(Nisqually Wildlife Reserve, Olympia, WA)


5 thoughts on “Flora & Fauna Friday

    1. Oh, I was there on Wednesday (skipped yoga) AND Thursday with my mom. My camera battery died right after the heron on Wednesday :-/ and my spare wasn’t in the case. On Thursday we had to stay in the woods for my mom, and there wasn’t much happening in there other than the wood duck. And, someday I will pay attention to the tide table and go when it’s high. It was low low low on Wednesday midday.


      1. Seems like it’s low more often than high…which I know isn’t true and doesn’t make sense, but it seems that, for all the times I’ve been out there, I can count the number of times it was at high tide on one hand.


      2. Just looked at the tide table: Wednesday mid-day when I was there, was extreme low tide, which was what I thought. Next Wednesday at about the same time is extreme high tide. I didn’t realize it goes from one extreme to the other so quickly.


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