In honor of Memorial Day: A love letter from WWII

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From time to time I have printed one of the 500+ letters my father wrote to my mother during World War II. (I also have 100 that survived from her to him). I’ve been transcribing them for the past several months. They are a fascinating story of the war, life in the 40s, young love and separation, dreams, and relationship and personality patterns I saw in my parents and continue to see in my life with my mother now.

Click here for a letter from October 1, 1945.

October 1, 1945

My darling —

Honey, my world has dropped out from under me so completely in the past few days that it’s left me in too much of a daze to even write to my wife. And I’ve certainly done hardly anything else, either. And I’m still in a daze with no prospect of snapping out of it immediately.

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