Flora & Fauna Friday

Dinner from the Garden


2 thoughts on “Flora & Fauna Friday

  1. Yum! I am jealous! We’ve had plenty of lettuce and spinach. My beans have blossoms on them, as do the peapods. And I saw a few green tomatoes the other day. Our favorite local blueberry farm has opened, though…so that’s cause for celebration.


    1. My garden (and I’m not alone, I hear) is really slow this year. I picked the first plum tomato yesterday, and it’s not quite ripe; I’ve had one orange cherry; there are a few that have been green forever. I’ve had a ton of peas, lettuce and chard doing well. Bean plants have been eaten three times and something is in there again–maybe a vole. Squash has just started to form. Strawberries, nada. I have two flats of Spooner’s blueberries in the freezer:-) And yesterday I ate one blueberry from my new bushes that I thought I picked all the flowers off of, as per instructions in year one.


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