Flora & Fauna Friday

New growth among last year’s death.
Sedum, my favorite sign of spring.


2 thoughts on “Flora & Fauna Friday

  1. Your writings are so insightful. The last year with my mother, Alice, was very trying. She was almost 92 when she passed and was especially difficult the last six months. I had to put her into an assisted living facility after she broke her shoulder and couldn’t use her walker. She went between anger, frustration and guilt inflicting. “Can’t I come and live with you?” “Why am I here? Oh, I guess it’s more convenient for you!” I left in tears many times. We have good genes which facilitates longevity. Good news! We can outlive ourselves! Bad news! You are a good daughter!!!


    1. Thank you for writing, Beverly. We can certainly outlive ourselves, and it’s a dilemma. Unfortunately, medical science is making great strides in keeping us alive, and social science is falling far behind in figuring out how to solve the myriad problems that raises. Unfortunately (?) many of the elderly, including my mother, have no physical ailments we can decline to treat. So they just keep ticking away as their brains and their will to live fail. It’s maddening. You were a good daughter too.


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