Flora & Fauna Friday

FaceBook reminded me a couple of weeks ago that last year I posted a photo of a trillium in the woods at the beginning of March. On my walk in fickle sun yesterday, there was no sign of it. It is greening up in there, but  the only blooming thing I spotted was this pair of unfurling spring beauty.


4 thoughts on “Flora & Fauna Friday

  1. C’mon Spring! I know Gretchen has to tackle that garden if you come (and I’m not looking forward to weeding), but this is getting ridiculous (though…did I see a little sunshine yesterday????)


    1. Except for the morning frigidity, yesterday was beautiful! I got the roof cleaned and the piles picked up from the last time the sun shone. AND almost cleared my list of indoor projects. Then went to Run Amok and walked 3.2 miles with hundreds of other people. Majorly satisfying day.


      1. It was chilly, wasn’t it? I was trying not to grumble…after all, we got sunshine. Wow! Look at you go! I went to work….whoo-hoo! What’s Run Amok?


    2. Run Amok is a national thing (I think), community fitness event. Once a week people gather and walk/run a selected route through town. There are reportedly hundreds of folks on the roster in Centralia.


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