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It wasn’t much of an adventure: I sat in my tent and worked on my writing project. I had to come home for the quiet and to hear the owls and coyotes: a logging truck rumbled and groaned down Hwy 101 about every 2.4 minutes, starting at 4:30am. Still, the lake was beautiful, especially when the sun came up, and sparkled out my tent window the rest of the day. And I love to camp. If only someone would bring me food, I could live in my tent, writing at the little table that is part of CuRVy’s standard equipment. (I’m keeping the table when she is replaced.)

So this is a pictorial log. I did walk to Marymere Falls, a flip-flop friendly, well-populated hike. And watched the sun come up over the ridge each morning. Of course there are other hikes: I checked out trip logs for Storm King Mountain (“A very strenuous and monotonous ascent.”) and Pyramid Mountain (“The trail is washed out in one place, but don’t look down and you’ll be fine. You can hold onto rocks in the outcropping, but be careful, some are loose. Wished we had gloves for the ropes at the top,”) and decided my tent and writing and campfire were just fine for this trip.

Tomorrow I’m hiking Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground, Rainier NP. See you on the other side! (That would be with salmon burger and beer at Base Camp in Ashford at the end!)




What the well-dressed duck is wearing.


What the well-dressed tree is wearing.





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