Running Out of Juice

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I find myself, again, at a crossroads—if not yet at the end of this road—in the sharing of my life with my mother through this blog. She continues her spiral deeper into cognitive dysfunction and crazy talk as she desperately clings to whatever bit of control she can muster.

I could use this space to relate the daily insanity—and how it drives my sister and me to the brink. Like how this week…

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2 thoughts on “Running Out of Juice

  1. Gretchen,

    When this iteration of your blog comes to an end, I will miss the updates. But remember that the blog isn’t about your audience’s wants and needs…it’s about what you need(ed) to do for a time.

    All good things…etc. It’s been good vicariously sharing this journey with you. My own aunt passed from Alzheimer’s about a month ago. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog a five years ago when she was first diagnosed…your trials with your mother have been a helpful insight…both with how I interacted with my aunt and cousin–her caregiver, and my own aging parents.

    Most importantly, though, you must do what’s best for you…I have a feeling your readers will understand no matter what your choice.



    1. Ah, Gheeta, thank you again for your supportive words. I guess it’s not like I’ve never been disrespectful here, huh? I appreciate your encouragement and affirmation that it’s helpful. And maybe just knowing other people are in the trenches is what matters, less than what I actually write.

      (I copied your comment onto the actual post at DOD. If you want to move it over there, I will delete my copy of it!)


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