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#Not Ready for Spring

It’s been a soggy January, but the Pacific Northwest does not disappoint: there are always some spectacular mid-winter days. This is the weekend. The forecast today was 59 balmy degrees.

I cleaned the roof, utilizing my new ladder. Abandoned splitting wood, couldn’t do it even with my new ax, and hauled more small stuff down from the woods up the hill instead. Since I was up there, I cleaned out the frozen chard in the garden and the dead pineapple sage and pulled weeds out of the root vegetable bed.

It was a lovely day, and it was good to be outside; but I am not ready for spring yet. My cocoon is still cozy and my wings aren’t ready to fly. Besides, I have fire wood. But there’s another day of sunshine, and I’m not working this one. Tomorrow I’m going on a wee adventure: sunrise (?) at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. The rain returns on Monday.