Stellajoe Staebler: Not Your Ordinary Obituary

My mother’s obituary, an infinitesimally longer version than the one published in the newspaper yesterday (and with more photos), is posted on Daughter on Duty. What do you say about someone who lived 102 years and was a legacy in her adopted home? Quite a lot.

Read it here.

2 thoughts on “Stellajoe Staebler: Not Your Ordinary Obituary

  1. Gretchen, I love your mother’s obit! What a good perspective on her life – her fiestiness is easily understood here as fueling her energy for change in the world for good! I can see how living close to her fighting spirit wasn’t always easy, but without her energetic refusal to let injustice to people and the earth persist she might have been an easy wallflower ! Yuck!


    1. She was certainly feisty! You are so right about the wallflower, and yet that is how I saw her. Interestingly, when it came to people–like my father’s work colleagues and their wives–I think she saw herself that way too. Thank you, Grace.


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