Adventure Log: Showing off my corner

A friend from the east coast visited me this past week, her first time to the PNW. We packed in the Big Five, dimmed a bit by the wildfire haze.

Mt. St. Helens National Monument

Mt. Rainier National Park


Olympic Peninsula





6 thoughts on “Adventure Log: Showing off my corner

      1. It is a great “all-purpose” list ! Ideally, I’d have three: an “all-purpose” list like this, one for summer and one for winter. I may actually create those now. Thanks for the idea !


      2. We were going to do Nisqually, but it rained that day, so we did Centralia. 🙂 Including the unveiling of the new founder’s statue in the park. And, of course, the Olympic Club. Small town at its best.


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