Snow Day might be overstating it. It was “supposed” to be a wicked week, but it amounted to just a pathetic bit more than nothing. Cliff Mass, UW meteorologist, did warn last week that there was no reason to stand in line at the grocery store for 45 minutes just yet. But no one listened. I don’t think I was the only one secretly hoping to be snowed in for days. Or, in my case, not that secretly.

What a disappointment. The powers that be didn’t even delay school here, though they did in the surrounding villages. Centralia must have been in the snow shadow and Seattle got what was meant to be ours. (I am happy for my grandsons there, though.) Yesterday’s dusting didn’t even last until 9 AM. It’s colder today, so today’s offering isn’t so quick to fade, and it’s still sparkling in the sun as noon approaches, blowing off the trees like so much silver glitter.

I knew I would be sorry if I didn’t go out, but I really didn’t want to even get dressed. It was cozy by the electric fireplace with my ancestral WWII letters. I wanted to hang out with those folks some more. Maybe even build a real fire and pretend to be stranded on top of the hill. But I didn’t. I went out. And it was beautiful.

Come walk with me. You can stay by the fire.














9 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Been getting FB posts from my sister, Lori, in Seattle. Haven’t heard how much they got but they bought 2 snow shovels. We still have snow/ice lingering in the shady places from the late November storm. Did the snow fall on the footsteps of the Pineapple Express?

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    1. It did. Rain and rain and rain. I was surely ready for snow. And tomorrow the rain (that was supposed to be snow, grrr) is returning. Seattle didn’t get much, but enough to delay school two hours both yesterday and today. I expect it melted there in between, as it did here.

      Yikes! The same snow since November? That I would like not so much.


      1. The traces of the November snow is literally where the sun don’t shine (shade) otherwise the sun and Chinook winds get rid of most snow very quickly.


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