Beauty in the Time of Corona: Passing the Peace

March 27, 2020

Has there ever been a time in history when every person in the entire world was on the same side of the war?

(Well, maybe not DT; but I don’t mean this to be political.)

I was on a chat line today with a tech support person in Canada. “Be safe,” I typed. “You too,” she wrote back.

I talked to my investment guy in North Carolina this week. They were checking in with all their clients. “Be well,” I told him. “You too,” he said.

The guy who sold me my car called—two-year check in. “Take good care,” I said. “You too,” he said.

I called to cancel an oral surgery appointment. “I hope you are safe,” I said. “You too,” she said.

My yoga teacher sent the link to this week’s class on Zoom. “I’ll cry when I see you again,” she wrote. “Me too,” I said.

Airbnb guests from all over the country and beyond write to cancel their stay. Not one of them merely canceling through Airbnb, but taking time to write a personal note to say how disappointed they are not to be able to stay at my beautiful place. “All the best to you,” I write. “And to you,” they reply.

I emailed with a friend in England recently. I check in with friends and family across the country, trying to reach out to at least one person a day that I’m not in regular contact with. “Be safe.” “Be well.” “Take care.” “You too.”

It’s like church: “Peace be with you.” “And also with you.” We are not alone, just six feet apart or more, passing the peace around the world.

Heart hugs to you each. And may all be well with you and yours.

signatureBeauty at home this week.

8 thoughts on “Beauty in the Time of Corona: Passing the Peace

  1. Yes, I find people really wanting to help and say, “Hello, take care”. Walking Tess through the neighborhood, you see a few other people walking their dogs and wave at each other across the street–I’ve never seen them before. Makes me smile.

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