Today I joined about 50 others in our downtown park in a peaceful protest of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the foot of a brutal police officer and other officers who stood by and did nothing to stop him. After watching the peaceful protest in downtown Seattle last night be hijacked by violence and the looting of our beautiful city, I was heartened today in my little town.

❥ People turned out (and every last one wearing a mask).

❥ The police stopped by twice; once to see if we needed anything and to thank us and to give stickers to the kids, and a second time to bring quesadillas from a local restaurant.

❥ Occupants of passing cars honked, waved, thumbs upped us sidewalk standers in solidarity–maybe 75% of them. There was one middle finger and two or three macho engine gunners. I was near tears most of the 100 minutes I stood there, loving my little town (founded by a black man and his wife) and realizing that though the world over contains plenty of ugly humanity, there is way more beautiful humanity.

Find the beauty. Our lives depend on it. And VOTE! Let’s take our beloved country back from the haters and those who stand by and do nothing. LOVE WINS!




8 thoughts on “Love Will Win

  1. Several hundred very white people marched in front of my home on Saturday. All wearing masks and keeping a pretty good distance. Cars patiently waited for them to get to their destination. The quiet held in Boulder–not in Denver, as I’m sure you know. What next?


    1. I haven’t seen what happened in Denver. I’m glad Boulder maintained peace. What next indeed. These are unbelievable times. As a friend said, there is no going back. Things have to change; and it will be a difficult birthing. 💜


  2. Whether sharing these extraordinary times in word, story or photograph, I believe it is all what your Mama would call “being the light”. May it all help to illuminate a way out of this darkness. Thank you.

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