Best. Halloween. Ever.

Halloween is not a travel holiday, so neither my children in their youth, nor their children have been on the hill for Halloween. Nor have I ever had a party here on All Hallows’ Eve. Or maybe anywhere. But boy golly, we did it up for the no-trick-or-treating pandemic Halloween.

The moms were amazing in their efforts with Jack-o-lantern carving, crafts and decorations including Jack-o-lantern light strings from Papa Marc in Indiana, sugar cookie baking and decorating with supplies from Aunt Kat in North Carolina. It takes a village; thank you to ours!

There were games: ball toss, toilet paper ghost bowling, fishing off the deck rail (the lines might have been baited with beer). And Elliot created his own game. All of which were opportunities to put candy in their pumpkins.

We prepared food like it was Thanksgiving (with just as much kitchen clean-up after): bones with snot (chicken satay with peanut sauce), eyeballs (meatballs), maggots (rice), chopped off ears (shrimp), vomit (Caesar salad), witches’ fingers (sesame-ginger green beans).

The aunties came. We were all in costume: a black jaguar; a power ranger; RBG; Dogman and Li’l Petey; After the rain sun and rainbows. (A bit of a political theme by the elderest elders.)

And the crown jewel: trick or treating around the six doors of the house in the dark; accompanied by Aunt Becca (per their choice, and who might have gotten a treat in her wine glass). In some brilliant spontaneous moves, the adults rotated among all doors, slightly altering their presentation. And scared the boys half out of their wits. (They may be damaged for a lifetime, bless their hearts.) Some of us have not laughed so hard in months.

Best. Halloween. Ever. The moms figure they have screwed themselves and will have to do this every year. Nobody at all missed going door-to-door in the neighborhood. Goal achieved.

And now, Happy Day of the Dead / All Saints Day! With special remembrance of George & Stellajoe for this pandemic home.

14 thoughts on “Best. Halloween. Ever.

  1. It must have been that shining Blue Moon… matching your shining faces. What lucky women to have two little boys inspire you to all these creative responses! We had pumpkins and a small outdoor fire… baby bonfire….and lots of prayers for our country. And so we persist.

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  2. Halloween has become my least favorite holiday, mainly because it’s so ugly these days, but I think you just may have redeemed it for me. You made it what it should be in modern times.

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