The light began its return on December 21. It really was/is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. “Harmony and understanding.” May it be so.

Happy Solstice, my friends. Thank you for being here.

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Had a sermon (on-line) several weeks ago about the 10 virgins waiting for the groom and some kept their lamps burning while they waited. Anyway, when the groom finally came those virgins had no oil to light the way for the groom. Father Peter said that with the invention of electricity, we no longer experience the darkness in that way. Boy, he’s never been to the PNW at this time of year. Even with the home brightly lit and snug and warm, we know what the darkness outside is like.

    Beautiful photos. Quite dramatic.

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    1. I actually mostly keep the electric lights off on the shortest day. Tree lights and candles, for the whole day to honor the dark. It’s really lovely. And it was a rainy, stormy day here too. I could probably be happy in Alaska! Except for all that pesky light in the summer.

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