Flora & Fauna Friday

I stopped at the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve on my way home from Seattle yesterday to see if the camas was blooming. It is just coming on! Not the blanket of blue I’ve seen in past years, but there are still buds, perhaps it will come. Or maybe this isn’t its year.

In Seattle, the little guy and I returned to Ronald Bog and sat among the ground flowers with our creature power disks. (If you aren’t familiar with Wild Kratts, I can tell you this little one is a walking animal encyclopedia, thanks to the PBS Kids’ show.) These lovely multi-design blooms just grow in the grass. He picked a tiny bouquet to take home to Mommy and we didn’t even worry that we interrupted her third Zoom meeting of the day for the presentation. Neither did she mind. (On my way out of town the next day, they were mowing.)

Oh! And some fauna too.

And while I’m here, the full moon. I named it Rainbow Full Moon, because both this year and last, there was a rainbow on the day of the April full moon.

And for good measure, the rainbow again.

Happy spring wilding!

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