Adventure Log coming tomorrow, but meanwhile back in the garden: the good, the bad, the ugly. Note no picture of peas. Thank you, bunny-fence-breacher.

Best lavender output yet.
Two packages of zinnia seeds where I always have zinnias. This year, weeds. White goosefoot. The internet says it’s edible in a spinach tastes like cabbage kind of way. Hmm. I want zinnias.
Hollyhocks popped over to other boxes from a wildflower mix a couple three years ago. Buttercup took over its original spot.
The slugs have not gotten all the lettuce.
Blueberries keep spreading and are loaded. I plan to add raspberries to the garden next year and give up on root vegetables.
The very strange Bear’s Breeches (Acanthus Spinosus), a single plant from the Master Gardeners’ sale some years back, wages its own war against buttercup.
The wild meadow daisies do a brisk business, though I did plant sunflowers here. No sunflowers came up this year nor last.
Foxglove, perhaps also from the wildflower packet, escaped the buttercup takeover by jumping the fence.

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