2021 Adventure Season—The Movie

I’ve just completed my annual slideshow—with music—of my hiking season to beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest (and one in North Carolina’s Appalachian mountains). Sadly, my WordPress site does not support videos.

If you would like to watch it, with the awesome music, you can find it here, on my Facebook writer page. (It’s pinned to the top, no scrolling.)

The short story is, I had twenty-five adventures between April 17 and October 19, including twenty-two hikes and four camping trips (one in a record-breaking heat wave, two in the rain, and one in which I nearly froze). I walked with grandchildren at home and in North Carolina, and was tour guide to my corner of paradise for friends from the other coast. It was a full summer! I’m ready for the long winter’s nap.

You don’t have to be on Facebook (or even like FB) to view my page @gretchenstaebler. I hope you will let me “take you to the mountains”! I love sharing my corner of paradise with you. Thank you for joining me here through the year.

Advice from a Trail

Walk into beauty
Stay on your path
Find inspiration around every turn
Tread lightly
Pack life with good memories
Every day has its ups and downs
Watch your step!

—Advice from Ilan Shamir

11 thoughts on “2021 Adventure Season—The Movie

  1. speechless… really. Well, it is early morning and my words haven’t clicked in yet–and this is how I feel on the trail too… awash in wonder. thanks for letting me tag along on this chilly, dark November morning. heart rock back to you.

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