Wordless Wednesday

This is my favorite snowy view at my family home. When I leave here, this barn, these trees is what I want a painting of to take with me.

In contrast, I ran across this photo of the barn taken after the owner of the property adjacent to ours, logged his land in the late 70s (I think). The back of the barn is not on our property, nor are these remaining trees. My father negotiated with the owner to save them.

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This barn, those trees, look like the perfect backdrop for an author photo, yes? You have done right by this place in so many ways. No matter what the future holds, it is mapped in memory and loved even by those of us who came to it much more recently. Beautiful wintery photo. So glad you share this place in the ways that you do 💙

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      1. I have such mixed feelings about the prospect of leaving it. And equally mixed feelings about not leaving it. I wonder if it will be more clear, one way or another, when I get it cleaned out. Which might bring my early demise, then I won’t have to choose.

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