Wordless Wednesday

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I kinda think the dandelion is there as a reminder to be persistent. That surely is a blossom not to be easily ignored. I am blissed out on the sun through the trees … Komorebi! Beautiful capture.


    1. Nice reframe. 🙂
      (And what I may or may not have said about thinking I fixed my login issue on WP, ignore. I still have to log-in every time to comment and I can’t like a comment on my own site at all. WTH?)


  2. Someone told me once that it’s possible to find a dandelion blooming in every month of the year. Although the plant itself is a nuisance, I adore the blossoms, which are sometimes the only beacon of hope to be found.


    1. I love the perky bright spots in the meadow for sure. The ones in the yard (which threatens to be all there is and makes croquet challenging), and perhaps in the garden, are not true dandelions, but Cat’s Ear, or maybe Hawkweed—the tall, branching kind with small blooms that are not beloved. Where and what proves to be a big difference between my love and hate.; and, In fact, I’m not sure I have any true dandelions.


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