I Have a Brand New Website!

Kind of makes me want to burst into song:
“I have a brand new pair of roller skates,
you have a brand new key.”

My skate key, the key to the first car I drove, the key to my very own house in Raleigh.

I’m so excited, and humbled, to step back into the world of amazing and brave people who are caring for a family member. And to launch myself as an author!

I’m not sure if there is an official distinction between writer (which I’ve been for some time) and author, but my definition of the latter is a published writer. My memoir about accompanying my mother in her last years will be published in October by She Writes Press.

You can follow my path to publication (it’s quite a journey after the book is written); view photo collages of my mother’s progression through childhood, motherhood, and old age; enjoy deleted scenes from the book; and read posts about life after caregiving and what I have learned in retrospect that was impossible to see during the six years of battling with my mother—call it the sequel to the book. New content will be added regularly.

But the website is more than my author site. I come as a caregiver ally to others who are in the trenches of this very hard and often lonely work of caring for a family member. Come back often as tips and tools and words of encouragement are added, find helpful new reads in the book list, and more. (Did I mention recipes? Including good eats for elders and favorite muffins of my Airbnb.) There is an opportunity for you to share your stories (current or in the past if you are a caregiver survivor), to ask questions of the community, and offer tips and tools of your own. I hope you will find it supportive and educational, as well as a place to voice whatever you are feeling, without judgement.

About once a month subscribers will receive a pretty email with a small story and links to new content on the website. You can choose what you want to read or just go explore. Visit the site at the link below.

With your subscription, enjoy the first two chapters of the memoir!

And you really do hold the key to the success of my venture. I need your help. I would be grateful if you would share this post or the site URL with those you know who are caring for a family member; and/or post the graphic below in your social media.


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