Mother Lode: The Trailer!

Now playing! Mother Lode: Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver, the trailer! 

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The Story: It’s been a long time in the studio (i.e. living rooms) since this trailer’s beginnings nearly a year ago. My daughter-in-love Wynne agreed to do the artwork and I began writing the script. How to condense six years and a 369-page memoir into a video of less than two minutes? Deadline: March, for a Kickstarter campaign I was planning, to recoup some of the hefty expenses of publishing a book with a hybrid press. Then Russia invaded Ukraine and my heart wasn’t into asking for monetary gifts for myself when there was so much need and sorrow in the world. 

I gave Wynne another two months, thinking I would do the campaign in May. But my heart still wasn’t in it. June, I said. Kickstarter campaigns are a huge time and emotional investment, things around publication were heating up, summer isn’t a good time for a campaign, Wynne was finishing her school year, and I wasn’t confident I could reach my funding goal. I decided to permanently cancel the plan, the trailer would just be in support of the book. 

But it was too far from publication to really push the book; people get tired of waiting, I was told. We put the trailer on the back burner again as we both engaged in summer activities.

In August, with daughter, Emma, on board to troubleshoot the technical glitches, we buckled down to complete our project. Now, four weeks from Mother Lode’s publication, it’s ready for release. We hope you enjoy it!

View the trailer!

After you view it, click the preorder button and check out the fab gifts and fun available for ordering the book before October 18! 

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