[Almost] Wordless Wednesday

Staebler Point in the Seminary Hill Natural Area is where I talk to my mom. I sat on the bench on Publication Day eve. I told her I hoped she was proud of me. I told her I hoped she would forgive me for not always shining the best light on her. I told her I wish she could give me a sign that she and my dad are together. And then I walked back home, and this flew over my head and into a tree next to the trail. And stayed and stayed. I think owls are my spirit animal. Here’s a good article about who they are and their symbolism.

9 thoughts on “[Almost] Wordless Wednesday

  1. Of course her soul is proud of you. Somehow this story was part of your life contract… the why of everything you two lived through. Always trust the woo-woo–in the case of barred owls, that is literal instruction. (smile).

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