Wordless Wednesday

I’m breaking all my Wordless Wednesday rules: No words. One photo. Taken in the past seven days. Ah well, rules are made to be broken.

I never did a blog post about the trip with friends I took at the beginning of the month after my book launch celebration to Manzanita, Oregon. Here are my favorite photos.

Foggy snowy! drive
From our Airbnb
Full moon set
My favorite spot.

For words and spectacular photography, check out my companions’ blogs, that were much more timely.

Nancy Friedland Get a Grip Let It Go.

Bonnie Rae Nygren Reboot

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. You were able to gather some scrumptious photos in your 10 minutes! Thank you for keeping the homefires burning. And for sharing our posts too. I tried to be understanding! 🙂 I think we each got what we needed in those days. Loved being together.

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  2. Looks positively magical, but put me in a place that close to water, and I am gone for days, worshiping at an Aquarian cathedral. Your images, and those of your compadres, paint a picture of pure magic. I can’t think of a more perfect decompression break from of the rigors (past*present*future) of birthing your memoir! Take a bow, Madame!

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    1. As were my compadres. They didn’t understand why I just wanted to sit by the fire. I’m not a beach person. What can I say? I like the beach for about ten minutes, longer if there are flat stones to stack, colored stones to pick up, drift logs to walk on, other people’s forts to admire. (Definitely an Olympic Peninsula fan.) But just walking on a flat, rather featureless beach? Meh, I enjoyed it from the fire with a good book and appreciated other people’s enjoyment of the sand.

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      1. Not so much the walking on the beach …. give me THE VIEW. THE SCENT. THE SOUND. THE SALT ON MY TONGUE. AND THE WIND ON MY FACE! … the feminine scent of the ocean at high tide, the raging (at least on the east coast!) surf, pounding the beach. That is my cathedral, my Piscean center, my always and forever ‘happy place’ that assaults and soothes all my senses, all at once. Fireplace (and a good bottle of red) is a bonus!

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