I thought maybe I would resurrect Memory Monday. Or maybe it will just be this one. I do need to get back to the Great House Clean-out after a year away to do book stuff.

This re-discovery gave me a chest full of nostalgic ache. My father had, of course, many wallets over the years—plain black or brown ones–and I’ve thrown several out. (Begs the question of why he kept them when they were worn out.) But this early, less plain one, I remember well. I’m sure it’s older than I am, and wonder if he carried it overseas during the War. It’s the only one I’ve found photos in (my mother and his beloved sister Helen) and I weep for the wanting of them to be young again, with their lives ahead.

6 thoughts on “MeMoRy MoNdAy

  1. I think any motivation that gets you to the page every day, Memory Monday, Twisted Tuesday, etc is a good habit. Writing for me is an act of spontaneous combustion, driven by events, memories, acts of grace and wonder, and hopefully rooted in gratitude for something every day.

    I am glad today it was your Dad’s wallets that was the spark. Tomorrow look for a new motivation! I am always immersed in Mom-stuff, since she taught me all the best things I ever learned about words and people. She is a constant source of inspiration for me… “When are you going to write that book, Mimi???” MARCH ON!

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