April Showers . . . Make for Slow Clean-up

On the few days without rain, I do yard work rather than adventuring. The time for adventures will come. It’s been freezing—literally—and I’ve had no motivation to get out in the mornings to work. But I bundle up in the afternoons with the goal to do at least one task, or continue one in progress.

Round Seven

The remainder of the twenty-three piles in the woodlot get picked up and hauled to my dumping ground deeper into the woods. Does it look like a park now?

Round Eight

With a freshly charged battery for the drill, I put part one of a garden box together one day, and part two on another day. Over two more days, I get them from the carport (where it was much easier to put them together with a wall to brace against than it was last year to build them in the garden) up the driveway to the garden. They are heavy, and won’t fit in the car. Okay, I didn’t try the car; they looked too big. I rolled them. They aren’t perfect, but good enough for whom it’s for. And I double-dog-dare the buttercup to get in. It’s really not a one-woman job, but I managed. Yay me! Scheduling help is harder for me than doing it myself (though I appreciate the offers following my last whiney post). I’m a pantser, working when the mood strikes and there’s nothing better to do—i.e. no adventure opportunity.

Next, soil; then peas! I’m behind schedule, but all will be well. I’m a pantser gardener too!

I actually remember, finally, to clean out the blocked downspout on a non-rainy day. And realize (well, not for the first time) I haven’t cleaned off the roof in weeks and weeks. I should do it before the pollen starts to fly and the edges get clogged with bigleaf maple flowers. It’s a task I rather enjoy when it’s not raining or windy; up there closer to the sky.

Those tasks hardly make a dent, but it’s progress. And I get to spend a weekend with the Littles! I haven’t seen them since January. (And, yes, I will always call them the Littles, though Elliot will soon be taller than me.) And cherry blossoms too! With sleet between blossoms and baseball.

Photo by Wynne York-Jones.
I helped Elliot learn “Ode to Joy,” and earn his black belt on the recorder!
After pretend stories with Adrian, a game! (I suck at their games.)

Things are blooming around the house . . .

And my month of daily walks in the woods, a photo a day, continue . . .

Happy Spring! Rumor has it, it will come! Next up, a new box for lettuce.

5 thoughts on “April Showers . . . Make for Slow Clean-up

  1. Splendid! It actually looks better than just whom it’s for – it looks good! And especially since it came from your hands. It’s unbelievable to me what a badass you are, power tools and heavy lifting and clearing and hauling and heaving, and up on the roof. Glad to see those kids, how happy they are with you. Worth the drive for sure!

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  2. “Good enough for whom it’s for”. I love this so much. I think it’s in my psyche since I first heard you say it years ago. I actually have it come to mind often these days. You’ve been busy! Planters look good, nicely done. I wonder if those walks are helping ground and connect you to place? Really happy to see you got some kid time too. I can only imagine how much you’ve missed that.

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    1. Haha! Coined by my Uncle Donald about the building the workshop over the carport. The walks always do help connect me. And then I stop getting out there . . . Kid time is always good. Some question why I drive up and back, 175 miles RT, for a grandkid baseball or soccer game (and track meets to come). And I just feel lucky that I can!

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