Blogs I Follow

Crafted Essence
Julia Doggart: Reflections on Nature by a family caregiver in a small village near London.

Heather Lende
An author’s view of daily life in Haines, Alaska.

Mad Man Knitting
story of a “mad man” who writes books and knits teddy bears and does his damnedest to stay afloat in a life of solitude, discovering a lot about himself and the direction he wishes to take his life.

in which everything changes
Elizabeth Hudson Willingham: Letters to daughters.

Our Hills and Valleys
Brian Mittge: Reflections on life in Southwest Washington. Brian, former editor in chief of the The Chronicle, Centralia’s newspaper, writes: “My great-grandparents came to the Northwest from Missouri, Minnesota and Moldova. My children play in the creeks here now. This place has nourished my family for five generations, and I cherish it now.”

Christina Baldwin: Storycatching, journal writing, circle process, and the lessons of deep immersion into nature.

37 Days
Patti Digh: Love well. Live fully. Let go deeply. Make a difference.

The New Old Age
The New York Times: Caring and Coping

Gaian Soul
Joanna Powell Colbert: At the crossroads of creativity, spirituality, and nature…is transformation.

Wake Up and Write
Amelia Bacon: Taking my writing out for a walk.

Devotion Cafe
Jan Richardson: Something scrumptious for the soul.

Hedgebrook Farmhouse Table
After a day of writing in their cottages, writers-in-residence at Hedgebrook gather around the big table in our old farmhouse to share a meal and talk about their day and what’s going on in the world. Our blog is your place at the table. Welcome to the conversation.



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