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The children are nestled all snug in their beds, back in Seattle. The tree is stripped bare, but for the lights. The sun has risen on a new year. I am back to my own projects and to musing about the months ahead and trying not to be terrified, both personally and globally.

The Twelve Disasters of Christmas

There’s a new post on Daughter on Duty.

Our four generations ranged in age from one to one hundred and one. They arrived on different days in planes, trains, cars, and an oversized rental “boat.” It’s been—shall we say—a chaotic week. Some have gone home, some are still here, one is coming again. I’ve escaped for the day.

It wasn’t all disaster, by any stretch, but it makes a catchy title. One thing I’ve discovered in the years of this blog is that readership zooms when the title smacks of crisis.

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A Solstice Pause

There’s a new post on Daughter on Duty.

I think we can all agree these are challenging times. This country and the world are coming unglued as we allow our differences to divide us. Natural- and human-caused tragedies fill the headlines and the news broadcasts. Our inboxes are stuffed with sensationalized subject lines begging money to fight the latest inconceivable goings on from Capitol Hill. It’s time for a pause.

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My Sister Has a Cold. She Is Not Dying.

There’s a new post on Daughter on Duty.

My sister has a cold. She told Mama. I guess she had to, to explain why she wasn’t going to visit for a couple of days because even if Mama didn’t catch it (which she wouldn’t because she’s never sick), we would hear about how she “thinks she has a cold” for the next six weeks.

For the past three days when I was visiting, she has asked me how Rebecca is feeling. The first two days I told her she has a cold, she’ll be fine. Yesterday I told her I hadn’t spoken to her. (Contrary to what Mama apparently thinks should be the case, I do not know my sister’s health status and whereabouts at all times.)

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