On Fear, Hope, Truth, and Vigilance

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Friday is coming. I am afraid. I am sick at heart. I am incredulous that this can be happening. I am saddened by the comments supporters of the president-elect leave on Facebook posts written by people in honest concern and peaceful protest. Not because people have different opinions—that, along with protest, is what this country is about—but because of the vitriol that is projected in their words.

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Extreme Caregiving 10: The Beginner’s Mind

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I caught the littlest little’s cold last week and spent a cold rainy Saturday in my pajamas on the sofa by the fire. Finally I could indulge in a rare sick day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, however miserable I felt. I arrived in Seattle for my Gigi-nanny gig to find the bigger little sick and unable to go to school. Emma stayed home most of Monday, but Tuesday I was on my own. It turned out to be a gift. To watch Elliot’s compassion toward Adrian and Adrian’s delight in his big brother was beautiful. They were both sweet, calm, and fun. I let go of how Adrian’s and my days usually go and played. These days don’t come back.

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Flora & Fauna Friday


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We cannot show you
the route that will
take you home;
that way is yours
and will be found
in the walking.

But we tell you
you will wonder
at how the light you thought
you had left behind
goes with you,
spilling from
your empty hands,
shimmering beneath
your homeward feet,
illuminating the road
with every step
you take.

Excerpted from Blessing of the Magi by Jan Richardson

2017—Stepping into Wholeness

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The word I have chosen for myself in this new year is “Wholeness.” Or, I should say, the word chose me on the Solstice as my class did a yoga mandala to the four directions.

What does it mean to be whole? What has kept me from fulfillment of self?  What do I want to fill the space in my life my mother held? Just asking the questions feels like a step toward wholeness; but I’m working on specifics.

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