Strangers in Good Company 2

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I’m growing accustomed to my visits with my mother being little more than a complaint fest, however hard I try to steer conversation. It’s what she knows how to talk about, at least with those closest to her. I have wondered what she talks about with her “too many” visitors.

Maybe she uses up her bright shiny self with them and saves the complaining for me and Rebecca, and the hospice team. Kind of like an adolescent home from school, gregarious when “everyone is looking,” sullen and uncommunicative at home. I was about to find out.

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Bad Cattitude

There’s a new post on Daughter on Duty.

My cat Smudge started caterwauling a few weeks ago, especially in the middle of the night. I was beginning to suffer from sleep deprivation.

She’s always been a whiner. She gets a small of amount of food specially formulated for diabetic cats and it’s never enough. Though this sounded different from the usual complaining, I started giving her more. She’s 16, I reasoned, and she’s (gradually) lost half her formerly significant body weight. Why was I starving her?

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Flora & Fauna Friday


I never posted this little adventure from a couple of weeks ago. A bat. Flying about the living room. I chased it through the house with a broom, but couldn’t get it to fly out the open doors. It was cold and windy; why would it want to go out there? Then it disappeared. Not good. Couldn’t find it. Later in the day I started cautiously rolling down the blinds, thinking maybe it was behind one. It was sleeping behind the one over the sliding door. Managed to scoop the sleepy critter out and fling it onto the deck. It slept off the shock for a few minutes then flew off. Now, how did it get in? But wait, do bats eat lady bugs? Wait! Come back!