Casting Her Vote


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My mother was born in the Deep South four years before women were given the right to vote in the 19th amendment to the Constitution. At the age of 24, she cast her first presidential vote for Franklin Roosevelt for his third term. She has never missed a vote since. Eight years ago she proudly voted for a person of color for the first time. Today, in her 100th year and her 20th presidential election, she cast her vote for a woman. I’m so glad she lived to see this day. #Imwithher.


House of Mirrors

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Somewhere in the recesses of childhood memory is a trip through the House of Mirrors at some fair. Everywhere you turn you meet yourself. The accompanists keep changing as other people drift by, sometimes walking with you, other times walking into the distance. But always you are there, the constant as you try find your way through the maze.

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Oh, Those Noisy Geese: Migration

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Sunday morning when I got Mama up, she said, “Those geese were sure noisy this morning. There must have been three times as many as last year!” Her ability to compare and quantify between now and a year ago is astounding. As is her ability, without her hearing aid, mind you, to hear the geese. Even if there were geese.

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Moments of Joy

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As each day passes I am on continuous watch for my weekly blog post topic. This week I find it in what I randomly chose to put in the occasional Facebook post: in the midst of chaos, loss of all kinds for me and for Mama, irritation and frustration, feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion, there have been moments of peace and beauty and love.

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