If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

Perhaps someone who has heard a bomb explode into a highrise or a tsunami roar through a fishing village or a tornado thunder down a small-town street in the Midwest can imagine the sound of these giants crashing through the rainforest canopy and falling to the forest floor. I cannot.

DSCN4567 DSCN4550 DSCN4480DSCN4590

2 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

    1. That last photo does not do the tree justice. It was enormous. (The value of having a hiking companion is someone to be in photos for perspective.) I just said, “Holy Shit!” when I saw it. I truly cannot imagine the sound they must make when they fall. There have been 10 hurricane force storms in that forest in the last 200 years. That would be multiple trees falling at the same time. Unimaginable.


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