Wordless Wednesday

Happy Fourth Birthday to Elliot Hill.

elliot's 4.jpg

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Beautiful, interesting article about walking in the woods with your mother! Absolutely wonderful! I grew up in Centralia, leaving in 1960. Wish to God I had been smart enough to arrange to move back. I have been in love with Centralia all my life. Gorgeous photos of Seminary Hill where the Girl Scouts and Brownies held Day Camp for a full week each summer. We LOVED the Hill and activities we learned. The only bad memory is the flavor of water suspended in HUGE canvas bags. Ick! How I wish I had a mother for so long. Mine died suddenly, one day when I was 29 and she only 54 AND healthy, we thought. Thanks for the Centralia memories!


    1. Jeanne, I just found this lovely comment in a folder of unpublished comments. Ach! I’m sad that I missed it so long ago. Thank you for it. I hope you are still reading my blog. Gretchen


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